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About Us - Trio Solutions

Trio Solutions is part of the CodePeople network, offering a variety of products and services to web developers worldwide.

Trio Solutions, even if not the most complex, but one of our first public projects in the area of Dreamweaver extensions, in which we brought together a group of tools that we frequently use in our own applications. Thanks to the good reception from our customers, we decided to launch various development lines for products and services, both free and commercial, meant for web developers and internet enthusiasts. We take pride in stability, pricing and quality of our products. Technical suport is served by a dedicated team, and also directly by the actual developers of the products.

Continuous monitoring of the evolution of browsers and web software, maintaining the same original development team, and the dedicated work of all members of quality, sales and customer care department, all ensure that our products are perfectly up to date and consistent with current developments on the Web.

CodePeople is an association of independent software developers, designers and web entrepreneurs. Created in 2005, it was initially meant to provide a corporate identity to some little software projects. Now, CodePeople is one of the market leaders in the field of Dreamweaver extensions, secure audio players and SEO tools. Time is a resource as valuable as any other. Our extensions and other products saved time and trouble to thousands of webmasters around the world. Our unexpensive, yet efficient and easy to use software allows you to achieve your web goals faster, with minimal effort, and without requiring any special skills.

Our addresses and phone numbers:

US Flag 14525 SW Millikan, Suite 51430
Beaverton, OR / 97005-2343
United States
Tel +

Email: Please use our contact form to contact us by email.

Please do not use the above telephone numbers for technical support inquiries. All technical support messages should be sent to our Support Team through this contact form.

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