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Rating System - PHP version

A Dreamweaver™ Extension
Works with Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004,
DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or later versions


The sample on this page (only the sample, not the real version) is not filtered for testing purposes and the counter isn't saved after you close the page, so you can test better how it works.

With the same image for all levels:


With a different image for each level:



Allows inserting a simple and original rating system for your web pages.
  • Does not require realoading the page when voting.
  • You can select your own rating images.
  • Avoid multiple votes by the same user throught IP filtering
  • No database required.
  • No programming skills required.
  • Based in modern Ajax & Javascript technologies
  • You can insert multiple ratings on each page.
  • Compatible with most browsers, both PC and Mac.
Your web server must support PHP scripts.

Fast Tutorial


Doubleclick the TSRating.mxp archive or use for the extension installation process the Adobe Extension Manager distributed with the Adobe Dreamweaver Application.

Restart Dreamweaver.

Go to Insert => Trio Solutions Rating => Insert Rating


A form will appear allowing the selection of the images. The rating has five selection levels. You can use the same image for all levels or select a different image for each one. For each image there are three statuses, the checked image, the unchecked image, and the rollover image.

Note: The rating name (in the insertion form) is used to separate the votes from one item to another. Example: if you have two ratings inserted in two different pages, but with the same name, the votes count for both of them. This feature allows inserting ratings for the same item on different pages.

Warning: Each rating item requires a connection to the web server. Including a large number of rating items in the same page can make your page to load slower.

Please, remember to set write permissions for the folder "/TSRating/var" on your web server. This step is required in order to save the rating values. Usually you can do this through your FTP client or your hosting control panel. You can read more about this in our FAQ.

Instant Download

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