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Dynamic Toolbar

A Dreamweaver™ Toolbar
Works with Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004,
DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5 or later versions


Dreamweaver ToolbarDynamic Trio Toolbar is a toolbar for Dreamweaver containing 9 extensions that can make your website look extraordinary. Most extensions contains visual effects, animations and other interesting interactive qualities, all integrated in a simple, comfortable and efficient way.

Adding this Toolbar to your Dreamweaver will increase your productivity, will allow you to achieve advanced effects in a simple way, and on the other hand it will enrich your Dreamweaver, transforming it into a really unique product, that perfectly adapts itself to the tasks you need to perform.

The Toolbar has the following extensions:

  • Dynamic Image Preview Help Hint
    Shows images that open up in form of floating panels, with effects over the page.
  • Help Hints for Web Help Hint
    Shows help hints above images, links, buttons and form fields.
  • Event Sound Help Hint
    Adds sounds to images and buttons when a mouse is passed over.
  • RSS Reader Help Hint
    Loads contents from RSS channels on the page, showing them within a frame with a fade effect.
  • Calendar Help Hint
    Captures dates selected by users from a form.
  • Glossary Help Hint
    Creates windows with explanatory texts that are shown above links, buttons and images. These windows can be dragged around the page.
  • Soft Open Window Help Hint
    Allows to open a popup window when a link, image or button is clicked; you can set up dimensions and other options; besides, the window opens up in an animated way, growing up to the desired size.
  • Acordion Help Hint
    Hides and shows sections of the page dynamically with fade effects and movements.
  • Page Scroll Help Hint
    Converts the internal links to the same page in a smooth scroll instead of sudden jumps. Clicking on a link on the page, the page will move up or down in the similar way as if the user had manually scrolled until the place where the link is pointing to.

General Requirements

  • Dreamweaver MX or later
  • In case of the RSS Reader, PHP is required on the server. PHP is only required for the RSS Reader, all other extensions do not require side scripts to work.
  • The Calendar does not require server side scripts to work, but if you need to process the selected date, for example, to save it in a database, then you will need some server side script for that purpose. The Calendar includes examples in PHP and ASP.

Fast Tutorial

You can check live samples on the detailed page for each extension.

Help Videos:

Read more in the Dynamic Toolbar - Frequently Asked Questions.


Simply double click the MXP file or use for the extension installation process the Adobe Extension Manager distributed with the Adobe Dreamweaver Application. Then restart Dreamweaver and once it is loaded, the new Toolbar will already be available.


If you are only interested in some of the Toolbar components, you can acquire them separately from the corresponding pages, but if you are interested in more than one, the complete Toolbar offers the best value, 25% lower than if each component is bought separately, with the additional bonus that you can install all 9 extensions of the Toolbar in just one step, with just one click.

If you have already purchased some of these extensions, you may enter here the email address used for the payment and you will be able to access the payment page with an additional discount, according to the extension(s) purchased previously:

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