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Feedback Form: PHP version

A Dreamweaver™ Extension
Works with Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004,
DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or later versions
Requires PHP on your hosting


Feedback sampleA feedback sample can be found on this page, look at the right - bottom corner of this window the link "Feedback [+]". Roll over the link and you will see the contact form. You can send us a message from the feedback form without reloading the page.

Note: This feedback creates a link in the right-bottom corner of the browser window that opens a floating panel with the feedback form (exactly like the sample in this page). Note that this tool doesn't create a classic contact form in the middle of your page. If you are looking for a product for classic contact forms then take a look to this Form to Email Dreamweaver extension.

In our FAQ you will see details about the CSS styles to customize the size and colors.


  • Inserts a feedback mechanism capable of sending messages to the webmaster or the website owner
  • The message is sent witout reloading the page
  • You can show your contact form in all pages without wasting space
  • Original and attractive feature
  • Transparent use of modern technologies (Ajax and advanced scripting)
  • No programming skills required
  • Compatible with most browsers, both PC and Mac
TSPhpFeedback is based on PHP script to send feedback e-mails. It also uses AJAX technology, supported by the main web browsers (Internet Explorer 5.0+, Safari 1.2, Mozilla 1.0 / Firefox, Opera 9, and Netscape 7). With this component you don’t have to worry about your website been reloaded while sending feedback: the message is sent without reloading the page.

Tip: If you want to be sure that your web server supports the PHPFeedback software, then you can download and test our free PHPFeedback compatibility check. This is a script that checks if your web server support the send mail functionalities through PHP Script.

Fast Tutorial


Doubleclick on TSPhpFeedback.mxp or use for the extension installation process the Adobe Extension Manager distributed with the Adobe Dreamweaver Application.

Restart Dreamweaver™

Go to Commands => Insert TSPhpFeedback


Your Web Server must support PHP scripts and allow sending of e-mails from the proper website script.

Before inserting TSPhpFeedback, save your webpage.  Insert TSPhpFeedback and a configuration dialog will open up. You will be able to adapt your TSPhpFeedback to match your website’s needs:
  • Feedback E-mail Address: Required Field. The feedback emails will be sent to this address. An error message will appear if you enter an invalid address, or use an invalid format.
  • Feedback E-mail Subject: Required Field. It will be shown in the subject field of every feedback e-mail sent. We recommend that you select a subject line that would help you identify the website and the feedback messages, especially if you use the same mailbox for other purposes. Example: “Feedback from”
Inserting a new TSPhpFeedback will generate a group of folders and files inside the website structure. It must be published within the website in the same relative position to the web page that contains the TSPhpFeedback.

In Dreamweaver, the Document Type Definition should be specified for the extension to work properly.

In Dreamweaver, define PHP as your server model. You can read more about this on our FAQ.

Instant Download

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