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Web & Dreamweaver™ Template
XHTML & CSS Web 2.0 Template. Compatible with all modern browsers.


This template is suitable for a software company or any company whose services relate to computer products; its colors are conceived using the company's corporate identity as the main theme for the design. The navigation is simple and the texts are large enough for a comfortable reading. The layout features an interesting use of icons, color fills, gradients and other web 2.0 attributes that contribute to its professional look.

A software company must be always up to date and give an example of the most recent web trends, which is why we placed a special accent on the HTML build to achieve an XHTML and CSS code validated by W3C tools. At the same time we tried to keep it simple in terms of integration with Dreamweaver; we also created a clear HTML code to facilitate the work of search engine robots, thus improving the results that this template can obtain in Google, Yahoo! and similar engines. If you wish to realize changes in the graphic part of the design you can do it by using the original design sources that are included with the product (PNG format, best edited in Adobe Fireworks).

Fast Tutorial

Template screenshot (home page, reduced):

Company Dreamweaver Template

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Doubleclick the .MXP archive or use the Adobe Extension Manager to install the template into the Dreamweaver's menu. Remember to restart Dreamweaver after this step.

Access the template from the Dreamweaver Menu >> New ... >> Page from Sample .

Note: If you don't want to use Dreamweaver, all you need is to use the HTML provided into the "source" folder.


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