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Web Stats Software

A Dreamweaver™ Extension
Works with Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004,
DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or later versions
Also available as independent software



  • Web Stats SystemEasy to install - Easy to understand web traffic analysis software
  • Install it with a single click from the Dreamweaver menu.
  • After purchase, you can use it on all your websites. Please see D4WStats License.
  • Minimum server & software requirements
  • No database required. This means: You don't need to know anything about database servers installation and setup
  • D4WStats is small and fast, minimum server loads
  • Avoid stats losing due to database failures
  • Easy to move your site from one server to another without losing the old stats
  • You can make it public to your users or private, only for authorized access
  • A lot of reports, very easy to understand
  • Since this isn't a log analysis tool, this software works with any web server running PHP
  • IP blocking feature available (optional) - prevents your own visits to be counted
  • Quality dedicated support
  • Not a log analysis tool; it gets the traffic information through an invisible JavaScript code inserted in your pages, and records the real user visits, not the automatic visits from robots.

The traffic of real user visits offers the most exact information about your website for marketing purposes and lets you know the real number of people visiting your site.

Fast Tutorial


1- Double click the .MXP file, this will install the extension inside Dreamweaver or use for the extension installation process the Adobe Extension Manager distributed with the Adobe Dreamweaver Application. This step is required only once time for each Dreamweaver installation.

2- Define the website you are working on.

3- Go to Commands > Install D4WStats (this step is required for every page where you wish to track stats).

4 - Set write permissions on the folder "/d4wstats/d4wfiles/logs/" created on your web site. This step is required only once for each web site.

That's all! If after click "Install D4WStats" you don't see the folder "/d4wstats" in the root of your site, then click the refresh button in the Dreamweaver files box.


We provide an alternative version (included with any D4WStats purchase) in the case you prefer to install WebStats without using Dreamweaver. These installation steps are easy, just copy the files, set write permissions on the folder "/d4wstats/d4wfiles/logs/" and paste the tracking code on your pages.


Dedicated quality support availableAccess the reports for your web site at: http://your-web-site/d4wstats/report


If you want to prevent unauthorized access to your web stats the easiest way is to protect the folder "/d4wstats/report/" with a password from your web server or your web control panel. You can ask your hosting support how to do this. Otherwise, you can simply rename the folder "/d4wstats/report/" with a secret name, example "/d4wstats/my-secret-word/" and then access the reports at the address http://your-web-site/d4wstats/my-secret-word/.


D4WStats is a software developed, optimized and packed by Developers4Web and Trio Solutions. You can request support at any time using this contact form.  After purchase you will also receive an email address for support.


You can also purchase D4WStats and request support from our web site.


There is a small version named D4WStatsLittle available. You can test it for free, and if you like it, you can upgrade to D4WStats. Read more about D4WStatsLittle here:

Instant Download

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USD $29.99
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