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Dreamweaver Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I pre-select the calendar date?

You can add an initialization script like this after the calendar code on your page:
<!-- start init calendar date -->
<script type="text/javascript">
  document.getElementById("selDay12345").value = 17;
  document.getElementById("selMonth12345").selectedIndex = 1;
  document.getElementById("selYear12345").value = 2007;
<!-- end init calendar date -->

Note: the calendar ID "12345" must be changed, use the calendar ID generated on your page.

You can request full samples after purchase.

How can I get and format the posted date using PHP?

Sample page for procesing and formatting the selected date:
      <title>Procesing and Formatting Sample</title>
  // get the date

  $result =  $_POST["selMonth12345"] .  " " . $_POST["selDay
12345"] . ", ".$_POST["selYear12345"];
  echo "Entered date: " .$result . "<br /><br />";
  // get the timestamp
  $timestamp = strtotime($result);
  // formatting date, various formats

  echo "Format 1: ". date("F j, Y", $timestamp) . "<br />";            
  echo "Format 2: ". date("m.d.y", $timestamp) . "<br />";              
  echo "Format 3: ". date("j, m, Y", $timestamp) . "<br />";            
  echo "Format 4: ". date("Y-m-d", $timestamp) . "<br />";                


Note: Change the "12345" by your calendar ID generated on your page.

I need to use two calendars on the page. Is it possible?

When you insert two calendars on the page, each one is generated with a different name, so you can insert as many calendars as you want on the same page.

How do I best string the values together to get the date into a database through a hidden field?

You can get and format the date on the server side (there is a sample for this on this FAQ). However it you prefer to get into a hidden field before submitting the form, then check the following fragment of code as sample:

<script type="text/javascript">
  function processform ()
      var f = document.form1;
samplefield.value = f.selMonth12345.value +'/'+ f.selDay12345.value +'/'+  f.selYear12345.value;
      return true;
<form name="form1" method="post" action="yourfile.asp" onsubmit="processform();">
 <input type="hidden" name="samplefield">

Note: Change the "12345" with the generated calendar ID on your page.

Is the calendar extension MAC compatible ?

Yes, our extensions are tested, approved and published in the Adobe Exchange site by the Adobe Exchange Team. This assures compatibility with most Dreamweaver versions, browsers and platforms.

When I try to insert the extension into an editable region of my form, I get the following error: "Making this change would require changing code that is locked by a template or a translator. The change will be discarded." How can I fix this?

The extension requires inserting some scripts on the head section of the page.

Then you need to insert the extension in the template page (just to generate the scripts) or manually paste the scripts from a normal page into the template.

I have installed the extension and it works when I test it locally, but when I upload the files to my online website it does not work. What I should do ?

Please, be sure to upload the "TSScript" folder. This folder is generated automatically when inserting the extension and contains the required scripts for the component. If you don't see the "TSScript" folder in your Dreamweaver file list, then click the refresh button (see image for details).

Are any programming skills needed for using the calendar?

You can insert it into a web page with no programming skills. This step requires only a click from the Dreamweaver menu.

However, if you want to submit the selected date to another page and process it (example: save to database) then you need to know some programming basics.

What browsers does it support?

We have tested this gadget on the following browsers:

- Safari
- Firefox
- Opera
- Internet Explorer for Windows
- Netscape
- Mozilla

The extension is MAC compatible. Our extensions are tested, approved and published by the Adobe Exchange Team at

Can I change day start of the week? I need to begin with Monday not Sunday.

Go to the file "calendar.js", find this:


... and replace it by this: