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Multi File Fields

Frequently Asked Questions
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Can the multi file fields upload the files to the web server?

No, the Multi File Fields only insert, dynamically, new file fields when needed.

How many file fields will be inserted in the web page?

The number of file fields generated dynamically will be enclosed by the number specified in the insertion.

How can I identify the file fields generated dynamically?

You can identify the file fields generated dynamically in the server side script, from the "base name" introduced in the insertion of the Muti File Fields.

For example: The value of the "id" and "name" attributes of the dynamically generated file fields are formed by the value entered in the base field followed by a consecutive number which depends on the amount of generated file fields. Let's assume that we entered "myfile" in the base field, and that three file fields have been generated dynamically. These will have the following values in the "id" and "name" attributes: myfile1, myfile2, myfile3, respectively.

How can I manipulate the uploaded files on the web server?

You can find below a piece of code to manipulate the upload files from PHP Script:

$upload_files = array_keys($_FILES);
for($i = 0; $i < count($upload_files); $i++){