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Frequently Asked Questions
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Does SEO Toolbar support special characters (like German, French or Spanish characters)?

Yes, it supports special characters. Please see the image for details.

What is better for me, the Keyword Density Analyzer or Trio SEO Toolbar?

There are some differences:
With the Dreamweaver Keyword Density Analyzer Extension:
1- You can perform Keyword Density Analysis during the design process, so you can modify your page easily in order to achieve a good keyword density.

2- It reports low densities and too high densities (spam)
With Trio SEO Toolbar:
1- You can perform Keyword Density Analysis when the page is already published. Easier when comparing density on third party sites. It's the most convenient tool if your site has dynamically generated contents (generated with PHP, ASP or some server side script).

2- Does not report density alerts, but on the other hand it provides other useful information like PageRank, AlexaRank, change the user-agent with a single click, and more...
As you can see, both tools are useful in different "scenarios".

Is the toolbar MAC compatible ?

Yes, you can install and use it in Firefox running on any platform.

Are any programming skills needed to use this toolbar?

No, no programming skills are required.

What browsers does it support?

Mozilla Firefox, this is a Firefox extension.