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Tecno Alarm Clock for Flash

A Flash™ Component
Also available as
Standalone SWF File


TSAlarmClock is a component designed to be used in Flash MX 2004 or a greater version. TSAlarmClock is a web alarm clock that offers the possibility to configure a sound alarm that will be activated at the hour and minutes determined by the user from the web page that contains an instance of the clock.

Tecno Alarm Clock

This page corresponds to the Macromedia Flash component version of the clock. If you are looking for the extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver click here.

TSAlarmClock makes use of the multimedia possibilities of Macromedia Flash, achieving a professional and visual impact component.

TSAlarmClock is recommended for those web sites where its creators or owners are interested in offering all the possible information to their users, giving them the possibility to control their time better.

Fast Tutorial


Double click TSAlarmClock.mxp archive or use for the extension installation process the Adobe Extension Manager distributed with the Adobe Flash Application.

Restart Flash.

Go to Insertbar => Flash elements => TS Alarm Clock Tecno

..or by this other way: Insert => Media => TS Alarm Clock Tecno.


Tecno Clock Explained
  1. Alarm indicator. It indicates if the alarm is activated or not.
  2. AM/PM
  3. Current time.
  4. Day of the week. It is outstanding the current day.
  5. Current date. Date is shown in the following format: Month Day, Year.
  6. Activation alarm button. Using activation alarm button you can activate or not the alarm, in order to it sounds in the schedule determined by the web site user.
  7. Time of alarm activation.
  8. Move among the fields to vary the alarm schedule. This action allows the displacement of a symbol to indicate the field to modify, respect to the hour or the minutes.
  9. Increase the values of hours and minutes for alarm sound. If the Activation Button shows that the alarm is disabled, when you execute some change in the sound alarm schedule, the alarm will pass to the activated condition.
  10. Decrease the values of hours and minutes for alarm sound.
  11. Same as 8
  12. Show hide the alarm configuration screen. The user can specify in the alarm configuration screen the time to it must begin to sound.

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