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My Class Dreamweaver Templates

Web & Dreamweaver™ Template
XHTML & CSS Web 2.0 Template. Compatible with all modern browsers.


A social networking website template for people who share the same interests or who - in this case - graduated from the same school. This template allows to show several sections of interest such as Friend Search, show a specific graduation year, event pictures, promote new events or simply invite new friends to join the group.

Just a high quality of the graphic design is not sufficient nowadays: which is why we built this template with a special effort to achieve a light, clean HTML, validated as XHTML and CSS according to W3C standards. All this benefits your site’s positioning and web promotion, contributing to the ultimate success of your project. The original design files are included to allow you to modify the page to match your needs and preferences.

Fast Tutorial

Template screenshot (home page, reduced):

My Class Dreamweaver Template

Read more in the My Class Dreamweaver Templates - Frequently Asked Questions.


Doubleclick the .MXP archive or use the Adobe Extension Manager to install the template into the Dreamweaver's menu. Remember to restart Dreamweaver after this step.

Access the template from the Dreamweaver Menu >> New ... >> Page from Sample .

Note: If you don't want to use Dreamweaver, all you need is to use the HTML provided into the "source" folder.


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