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RSS Reader

A Dreamweaver™ Extension
Works with Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004,
DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or later versions
Requires PHP on your hosting




Allows to enrich the content of your website with the information provided by other websites using the RSS format.

  • Original presentation.
  • No programming skills required.
  • No database required.
  • Based in modern Ajax & Javascript technologies.
  • Compatible with most browsers, both PC and Mac.

Publishing through RSS is widely used by news portals, discussion forums, blogs or any website that wants to achieve a larger internet readership. TSRSSReader gives you the opportunity to install a RSS reader on your website - without any technical knowledge of this format. TSRSSReader is an extension developed for Adobe Dreamweaver MX (or later versions) and is supported by most of browsers.


Dreamweaver MX or later version (including MX 2004, DW 8, DW CS3, CS4 ...).

TSRSSReader requires PHP script on the server where the website is published.

If you want to test the RSS Reader locally, then you must have a local web server that support PHP scripts.

Tip: If you want to be sure that your web server supports the TSRSSReader software, then you can download and test our free TSRSSReader compatibility check. This is a script that checks if your web server can load a external RSS file through PHP Script.

Fast Tutorial

Video tutorial: RSS Reader

Read more in the RSS Reader - Frequently Asked Questions.


Double click TSRSSReader.mxp archive or use for the extension installation process the Adobe Extension Manager distributed with the Adobe Dreamweaver Application.

Restart Dreamweaver.

Go to the menu option Insert > Dynamic Trio Solutions > Insert RSS Reader

...or via Insertbar > Dynamic Trio Solutions > Insert RSS Reader.


To use TSRSSReader in a webpage being built with Dreamweaver MX or later you will need:

- to define the website your are working on; to save the webpage where TSRSSReader will be inserted; to execute the option Insert RSS Reader. (The option "Insert RSS Reader" can be accessed in two ways, described under Installation).

TSRSSReader opens an setup window where the following data are required:
  • RSS URL: enter the URL to the XML file where RSS format is specified (the URL to the RSS file must be an absolute URL: http://servernamer/rss-file-name.xml)
  • Width and Height: define the parameters of the box where the RSS content will be shown (if RSS has 10 news items, they will be shown on a rotation basis).
  • Delay: enter the time during which every RSS news item will be shown in the box
  • Target: select where the full text of the news referred by RSS, will be loaded, when user clicks on the title of the news item shown in the box
  • To show: select what data you would like to show, amongst RSS items (Title; Title and Date; Title, Date, and Description)

When a new TSRSSReader is inserted in your webpage, a group of directories and files will be created automatically within your website structure. These directories and files will have to be published along with your website in the same position relative to the webpage that contains the TSRSSReader.

Instant Download

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