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Halloween Cascade Effect
Halloween Cascade is a Dreamweaver extension that adds a cascade of halloween-related images to your webpage.
Dreamweaver CC Extensions - [August 9, 2013]
All our extensions have been already updated to make them compatible with Dreamweaver CC. Our new Dreamweaver CC extensions are also compatible with older Dreamweaver versions. We are keeping comp...

The Dreamweaver CC is ready to be downloaded. Not all the new features of the Dreamweaver CC have been launched at the same time and there are some important updates that we are expecting to be publi...

Speeding up a web page - [April 28, 2012]
First of all: why to improve the speed of a web page? We are talking about lowering the server connection time, download time and rendering time; the main reasons for improving the page speed are: ...

The Content Management Systems (CMS) are a must today for websites that plan to keep their content up-to-date. There are many complete and complex CMS systems but most of them aren't friendly with Dre...

The implementation of an online payment feature is currently a pretty common request for websites. This has been one of the traditionally headaches for Web developers since the process of integrating ...

So far Google doesn't have a good visual tool to generate Google Maps with full support for markers and other configuration features.  At least a positive step is that now with the Google Maps AP...

Popular Dreamweaver Extensions
Dynamic ToolbarDynamic Toolbar
Toolbar for Dreamweaver with a set of extensions that can make your website look extraordinary.
Snow EffectSnow Effect
Adds a nice snow effect to your webpages. Let anything snow on your webpage - this program is extremely flexible.
Dynamic Image PreviewDynamic Image Preview
Shows image previews in draggable floating windows with shadows and fade effects.
Dreamweaver CalendarDreamweaver Calendar
Easy way to insert an advanced calendar in Dreamweaver.
Help Hints for WebHelp Hints for Web
Builds nice help hints over links, form fields and images on your website.
Flash Image GalleryFlash Image Gallery
Builds a simple image gallery for a product showcase or a family album.
Flash ChatFlash Chat
A Chat developed using PHP with a Flash interface.
Glossary Dreamweaver ExtensionGlossary Dreamweaver Extension
Build advanced windows for help hints and glossaries.
Soft Open WindowSoft Open Window
A cool and original way to open a popup window.
Page ScrollPage Scroll
Lets you scroll a long webpage smoothly. No more jumps!
Accordion EffectAccordion Effect
Show and hide sections of your webpages with a cool accordion effect - javascript based.
RSS ReaderRSS Reader
Allows to enrich the content of your website with the information provided by other websites using the RSS format.
RSS Reader for ASPRSS Reader for ASP
RSS Reader for ASP websites. Allows to insert a RSS reader in your website with the information provided from external RSS feeds.
Event SoundEvent Sound
Allows to enrich your website by adding sound in mp3 format by rolling over elements like buttons and images.
Multi File FieldsMulti File Fields
Multi File Fields allows to dynamically generate multiple file fields on a web page.
Feedback FormsFeedback Forms
Does not require reloading the page to open the form and send the message.
Rating SystemsRating Systems
Allows inserting a simple and original rating system for your web pages
Flash Music Players
Flash Music PlayerFlash Music Player
Flash music player. Allows a website user to enjoy the features of a powerful mp3 music playing software
Mini Flash Music PlayerMini Flash Music Player
Mini Player Trio Solutions is a very light mp3 format audio reproduction software.
Classic Music PlayerClassic Music Player
The classic style for flash music players. In this case we selected soft blue tones that match with a lot of website designs over the web. The classic skin visual interface is easy to understand and easy to use. You can use the skin with the playlist, our without it.
Light Style Music PlayerLight Style Music Player
Light TSPlayer - Flash Music Player. Open/close areas by clicking on boxes, realtime change from open to closed modes. Designed using Silver color tones.
Cellphone Style Music PlayerCellphone Style Music Player
Cell phone style for TSPlayer flash music player. This striking model is highly interactive from the first-glance buttons to the phone antenna.
Gray Metal Music PlayerGray Metal Music Player
Soft metallic color flash music player with light rollovers over the buttons. Most of the design elements are interactive.
Skull Music PlayerSkull Music Player
This TSPlayer flash mp3 player model is designed for hard music designs and game sites.
Black Music PlayerBlack Music Player
TSPlayer flash music player with black skin is suitable for sites with dark designs.
Techno Light Music PlayerTechno Light Music Player
TSPlayer based flash music player with an advanced interface and a lot of interactive areas.
Hard Green Music PlayerHard Green Music Player
Green metallic TSPlayer flash music player with strong bright colors.
Burble Music PlayerBurble Music Player
Flash Music player based onTSPlayer, soft skin, cool style and light configuration. Advanced interface with a lot of interactive areas.
Bar Style Music PlayerBar Style Music Player
Thin flash music player available as Dreamweaver extension and as a stand-alone Flash item.
Erotic Style Music PlayerErotic Style Music Player
Player with nice erotic shadows. With each action (click a button or interactive area) the image is changed.
Steel Style Music PlayerSteel Style Music Player
Steel style player, this color match with a lot of web site designs.
Button Flash Music PlayerButton Flash Music Player
The smallest TSPlayer based flash music player with background color configurable. Two base skins included, for dark and for light web sites.
Search Engines and Web Stats
Web Stats SoftwareWeb Stats Software
D4WStats is one of our leader products: a complete web stats system installable from Dreamweaver with minimum server requirements and a lot of reports.
Keyword Density AnalyzerKeyword Density Analyzer
This Dreamweaver extension helps you analyze the keyword density of your pages for search engine optimization purposes.