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Online University Dreamweaver Templates

Web & Dreamweaver™ Template
XHTML & CSS Web 2.0 Template. Compatible with all modern browsers.


This Dreamweaver template works best for an online university, academy or any other type of educational institution. It features a vertical navigation with contents that are displayed to the right and a left column that displays news, articles and other useful information. The colors are intended to communicate the institution’s graphic identity, in this case red and black, but any other colors may be used. The design is simple and attractive; the information is easily reached.

Integration with Dreamweaver allows for a quick page creation, based on this template; with just a couple of clicks from the Dreamweaver menu you will be able to obtain a HTML page validated according to the most recent web standards; a file with CSS styles that you can modify to match your taste, and the images that can be edited or replaced. You can use the design source files for a further personalization.

Fast Tutorial

Template screenshot (home page, reduced):

university Dreamweaver Template

Template screenshot (sub-page, reduced):

university sub-page

Read more in the Online University Dreamweaver Templates - Frequently Asked Questions.


Doubleclick the .MXP archive or use the Adobe Extension Manager to install the template into the Dreamweaver's menu. Remember to restart Dreamweaver after this step.

Access the template from the Dreamweaver Menu >> New ... >> Page from Sample .

Note: If you don't want to use Dreamweaver, all you need is to use the HTML provided into the "source" folder.


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