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RSS Reader for ASP

Frequently Asked Questions
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Why the fade effect is not visible in the Internet Explorer?

In Internet Explorer if you use the fade effect the browser breaks the elements font face, it is a bug of the Internet Explorer browser.

If you want to use the fade effect in the Internet Explorer and you havenít problem with the font face bug, all you need is to open the TSRSSReader.js file in a text editor and set to true the ieFade variable.

How can I change styles in the displayed item?

In the RSS reader insertion process a file is generated to define the visual aspect of the elements related to the RSS reader. The file is named "RSSReader.css" and it's created in "TSScript/TSRSSReader/RSSReader.css", the defined classes are:

.rssclass (To define the box dimensions, borders and padding for the RSS Reader)

.rssclass .rssitem (To define the items aspect display in the RSS reader)

.rssclass .rsstitle (To define the aspect of the title of news)

.rssclass .rssdate (To define the aspect of the date in the RSS items)

.rssclass a (To define the aspect of the links inside items)

You can modify the visualization of the elements if you modify the attributes in the classes above.

How to show more than one element in the RSS reader?

After inserting the RSS reader in your website, the extension inserts a JAVASCRIPT code in the webpage as follows:

rssContainer1Instance = new TSRSSReader('', '', '', 3, '_blank', 3);

By default the RSS reader shows only one item at time, but passing a new integer variable to the end of parameters list, you can specify the item count to be shown at the same time:

rssContainer1Instance = new TSRSSReader('', '', '', 3, '_blank', 3, 5);

In the example above the RSS reader shows 5 items at the same time.

I have installed the extension and it works when I test it locally, but when I upload the files to my online website it does not work. What should I do ?

Please, be sure to upload the "TSScript" folder. This folder is generated automatically when inserting the extension and contains the required scripts for the component. If you don't see the "TSScript" folder in your Dreamweaver file list, then click the refresh button (see image for details).

When I try to insert the extension into an editable region of my form, I get the following error: "Making this change would require changing code that is locked by a template or a translator. The change will be discarded." How can I fix this?

The extension requires inserting some scripts on the head section of the page.

Then you need to insert the extension in the template page (just to generate the scripts) or manually paste the scripts from a normal page into the template.

When I try the RSS Reader it doesn't work and I get the message "RSS not reachable". How can I fix this ?

RSS Reader requires ASP script on the server where the website is published.

If you are testing RSS Reader locally, you should have a local web server with support for ASP scripts. Also ASP must be able to reach the RSS feed, in other words, must be able to request the RSS feed from a remote web site.

In any case, verify that the URL of the RSS feed is correct.