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Seo Toolbar

A Firefox Toolbar
Requires Firefox 1.0
or later versions


Trio’s SEO Toolbar is a Firefox Toolbar with a lot of functionalities for search engine marketing, search engine optimization and other web developer tasks.

  • Keyword Density Analyzer: Helps you analyze the keyword density of your pages just with one click. Compare relevance between different sites for the same keywords, and compare relevance of a single page for different keywords.
    Keyword Density Analyzer
  • Change UserAgentChange useragent with one click: Access web sites identifying as Google, Yahoo, MSN or popular browsers. Useful to detect spam techniques like cloaking, and access contents with access restricted to search engines. If you want to exchange links efficiently, you need to know about this!
  • Whois Information: Know about the age of any domain, the owner, expiration date and technical details of any site on the Internet.
  • Mark NoFollow Links: Identify the NoFollow links (not valid to search engines) on the visited page. If you want to exchange links efficiently, you need to know about this!
  • Incoming LinksAlexa and Information: Check the evolution of traffic, design and content of any website.
  • Alexa Rank Information: Evaluation of traffic for any domain on the internet. Compare traffic between different web sites.
  • Enable/Disable Javascript: Enable and disable javascript with one single click to detect javascript spam tricks, noscript tags and avoid/stop execution of not friendly javascripts.
  • SearchSearch in Google / Yahoo / MSN: Direct box to search in the three big search engines, and an option to search in the three at the same time in the same window (framed window).
  • Check incoming links in Google / Yahoo / MSN: Check the links to any site reported by Google, Yahoo and MSN. Compare the three reports in the same window.
  • PageRank Information (Beta): PageRank information for any page, and for the links inside a page.

Fast Tutorial

For density reports:

Enter a keyword and press Analyze and a complete report related to the given keyword will appear.

How to read the report?
  • 1st column: shows the name of the page elements being analyzed.
  • 2nd column: indicates the number of matches of the keyword on each element.
  • 3rd column: shows the total number of words for each element.
  • 4th column: shows the most important value - the density (%), of keyword inside each element. Background colors indicate spam danger (excessive density), poor density, or acceptable density values.
  • 5th column: shows an estimated weight for the keyword of each element.

The "weight" value:

The weight is meant for comparative purposes between different keywords. This way you can establish which keywords have greater relevance, or find out which page is more relevant to some keyword.

A greater "weight" does not necessarily mean that the page is better optimized for search engines, big values of "weight" are unnatural and are signals of spam, on the other hand, very low values of weight indicate poor relevance of the keyword for the page. Use the "weight" value only for comparative purposes and optimize your page based on the density column.

Read more in the Seo Toolbar - Frequently Asked Questions.


Just drag the downloaded file over Firefox.


This is a tool for online sites. For design-time,  a Dreamweaver™ Extension, Keyword Density Analyzer with spam alert reports and notifications of poor keyword density, is available here.

Instant Download

Note: The product "Seo Toolbar" isn't available yet for the latest browser version, so it cannot be downloaded at the present moment.